Curtis Hed's Magic of Reading Show

Target Audience - Mixed: Parents and Teachers with Children between the Ages of 3 to 13.
Ideal for Elementary and Intermediate Schools, Libraries, Early Education Events, Title 1 & Family Night activities.

Magician and Motivational Speaker Curtis Hed has been performing his Magic of Reading Show for students, teachers, parents, librarians, and library patrons all across the Midwest for over 30 years. For the most part the shows are just plain fun: Magic, Comedy, and a little bit of Juggling. Yet within the show Curtis also share how reading has has played a major role in his being a magician. He explains to his audience that if you know how to read, you can learn how to do just about anything!

Curtis performs three versions of his Magic of Reading Show. His Magic of Reading Show ‘Library Edition’ is designed for summer reading patrons and their parents. His Magic of Reading Show ‘School Day Edition' is a shared experience, as enjoyable for the teachers as it is the students, during which he shares how at ten years old he would go and check out book at his school and public libraries on how to become a magician. And then there is Curtis’ Magic of Reading Show ‘Family Night/Title 1 Edition.’ This edition of Curtis' Magic of Reading Show is designed in such a way that it can be a standalone show, or as a show that dovetails into his ‘School Day Edition’ Show. That way all the students get to enjoy the show and message during the daytime show, while motivating the students to bring their parents back for the show in the evening. The shows are about 90% different.

As in his daytime show Curtis' evening show includes his message about the importance of reading, but it also includes a message for the adults on how important it is for them to read to their children. Even if they, like Curtis, have difficulties sounding out words. "Reading to our children, even though we struggle, shows our children just how important reading is. It show them that if something is important, it is worth the struggle!"