Curtis Hed’s Magic of Being Kind Show

Target Audience - Mixed: Parents and Teachers with Children between the Ages of 3 to 13.
Ideal for Elementary and Intermediate Schools.

For the most part Curtis’ Shows for Schools are just plain fun. Fun for the children but equally for the adults: Magic, Comedy, and some juggling. Yet into each show Curtis weaves some important educational messages, be it about reading, making wise choices, or in this case, about the importance of our being Kind to one another in Curtis' Anti-Bullying Show, His Magic of Being Kind Show.

The simple fact of the matter is that we live together in a society and each of us are important in determining the kind of world we are going to be living in. As such it is important that we seek to be kind of one another. Curtis shares a personal example of how being kind when someone who is being mean can change how they act towards you in the future. It’s a simple message, but sometimes it is the simplest of messages that make the biggest differences.